Monitoring in the Cloud

Philip Van de Vyver, Azure Architect at Arxus talks more about monitoring in the cloud. How has the whole monitoring way of working changed since the advent of the cloud, and what should you look out for?

Join our Hack The Future Challenge

The hackathon of the year is back! Every year, the Cronos Group organizes this fantastic event for final-year students who like to be technically challenged or who perhaps already want to get to know different companies in the field in order to get an internship or their first job.

What's the importance of my Security Posture?

New ways of working and innovative technology are increasing the complexity of our IT environments. While 10 years ago company applications ran almost exclusively on company hardware and employees only worked with these applications on-site, today that is completely different with the growth of...

Data: the new gold

Data is the new gold, for quite a while now. But why is data of gold value? And how on earth do I start my search for that gold mine? We find out from Robin Pauwels, expert in Data Analytics.

Working remotely - seizing opportunities in a "remote-first" world

Working remotely is the new normal. Employees prefer to have the choice between commuting to the office, participating in meetings online or offline, and working on collaborative projects from home. While some remote work solutions are focused on one department, role or task, flexibility is...

Working remotely - struggling with productivity

From on-premise to the cloud: Struggling with productivity The global pandemic forced us all to move to hybrid working, but many companies are struggling to streamline their processes and workflows.

Working remotely - a story of digital transformation

From on-premise to the cloud: a story of digital transformation It was bizarre how quickly everything changed when the pandemic hit. One day we were still commuting to work, thinking masks were something for surgeons and extreme hypochondriacs. The next day we were hoarding toilet paper, all...

Arxus commits to the Microsoft Partner Pledge

As a socially responsible company, Arxus is always looking for initiatives to improve its impact on socially important themes. This is simply ingrained in Arxus's DNA, and the Cronos Group, of which Arxus is a member, is also a forerunner in various initiatives concerning corporate social...

What's Developer Velocity?

On the importance of developer velocity we speak with Mineke De Thije. Mineke is Managing Partner at ChangeLab where she helps companies deal with change in a good way, so they can grow and scale.Change is hard, for everyone. Our intuitive reaction to change is resistance. That is why it is very...

Microsoft Launches New Commerce Experience

What's the New Commerce model, and what does it mean for me as a customer? The New Commerce model was created by Microsoft to streamline and simplify the purchasing process of their cloud products and services. This will make the way we purchase products from Microsoft more consistent throughout...