Hyperautomation creates more interesting jobs

RoboRana focuses on an Intelligent Process Automation(IPA) strategy. Mathias Fransen, managing partner at RoboRana, explains what IPA is.

From job shadowing to project internship. How did Luca experience working at Arxus?

Luca Dombret, final-year student "Network and System Administration" at AP College started in November with a job shadowing. Later, this internship evolved into a project internship with a focus on Open Source expertise. How did that internship go? You can read it here!

Ben & Senna's intership assignment: mixed-reality technology for business

In mid-April we welcomed Ben Delhaye and Senna Vertommen, two final year students Network and System Administration at the Thomas More Hogeschool Campus De Nayer. For 7 weeks, they did an internship with the Modern Workplace team. But how did that internship go? You can read it here.

Bloom Story: Wendy Nys

Maximum 20% routine. For Wendy Nys, the other 80% may be more challenging. That's how she feels about life and that's also the balance she seeks in her work. Wendy has been Customer Success Manager at Arxus for a year now. It is a job in which she can perfectly combine her technical knowledge with...

Sustainable business is the future

Jocelijn Geurts from Axudo is an expert in corporate social responsibility. She helps companies to establish long-term relationships with customers, suppliers and employees alike. Jocelijn explains why this can be a game changer for companies.

Plan, ready, operate with Arxus' Cloud Custodian team

The Cloud Custodian team at Arxus helps customers set up and prepare their environment for Microsoft Azure, Microsoft's public cloud. They are one of the Microsoft Expert Managed Service Providers for Azure in Belgium. Pieter Buytaert and York Van den Heuvel of the Cloud Custodian Team explain...

Vulnerability management service puts your digital security on point

More and more organizations and business leaders are starting to see the value of good digital security. Especially after the many reports about ransomware attacks in the Belgian media. But even the smallest security issues can lead to crucial information leaks. The vulnerability management service...

Modern workplace combines flexibility and security

What does a modern workplace look like and what have we learned from the past two years? Kevin Meuldermans is a Modern Workplace Specialist at Arxus. He takes a closer look at the most important trends of the past few years.

Arxus Customer Portal provides greater efficiency

Every customer of Arxus has his own online portal. A website where all Arxus services and products can be found in one place. From now on, you can check your invoices to requesting an additional Microsoft 365 license with a single mouse click. Stijn Vanderelst, responsible for this portal,...

Why choose Microsoft Azure?

Choosing to migrate to the cloud is one thing, choosing the right platform is something completely different. At Arxus we are convinced of Microsoft Azure and we use an Azure First strategy. Why? Because Microsoft Azure offers an incredibly high-performance and secure cloud platform that brings...