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Working at Arxus' service desk is like getting an extra family for free

The Arxus service desk is an all-encompassing service that tackles your IT problems from A to Z. They operate from their office in Kontich, offering support in Dutch, English, and French. The team consists of around 25 enthusiastic individuals in their twenties and thirties, all with a strong technical background. Seppe Vandegaer and Rick de Greef have been part of the team for several years now. Below, they share their experiences and the additional family they gained when they joined Arxus.

Arxus purposely runs its service desk from Kontich to maintain a personalized connection with their 800+ cloud customers. To enhance this, the team is divided into 4 squads, each focusing on a specific target audience.

The Cloud Pathfinders concentrate on first-line support to ensure swift assistance for customers. They also serve as the customer's point of contact and assist with constant monitoring to address alerts promptly. The other three teams handle second and third-line support within specific domains. The Cloud Navigators deal with everything related to the Modern Workplace. The Cloud Guardians center their efforts on hybrid applications, private cloud, and private data centers. Lastly, the Cloud Explorers specialize in Azure via infrastructure as a code.

"We aren't your typical service desk that only provides first-line support; we also focus on second and third-line support. This allows us to handle a lot of operational work," says Rick de Greef, Chapter Lead at the Cloud Navigators.

"What's great about a company like Arxus is that the individuals who laid the foundation for the company 15 years ago are still here," adds Seppe Vandegaer, Tribe Lead at the service desk. "These are now thirty-somethings with a wealth of experience, from whom we can still learn a lot. The average age at the service desk is 24 years, so we can't possibly know everything. However, thanks to the team's dedication and the presence of the original employees, we acquire a lot of knowledge in a short time."

Rare Talent

Like many other IT companies, Arxus faces the 'war on talent.' Nevertheless, they remain selective during the hiring process.

"Approximately 1 in 4 people who apply here actually join us," explains Seppe. "During interviews, like everyone else, we seek the rare talents in the job market. Employees who know what they are doing and are highly motivated. Our first interview immediately includes a few technical questions. This helps us gauge their abilities, but it also gives applicants an idea of how we like to work as a company, which is equally important."

Newcomers at Arxus receive an individual growth plan and six months of on-the-job training before they work independently. They are also assigned a buddy to help them integrate.

"Typically, a buddy has a few years of experience and remembers how their initial weeks felt," says Rick. "If necessary, we collaborate with other teams within Arxus for more technical Microsoft training, which can lead to certifications. However, we also offer training through companies like Learnia and Wayfinders, which focus on our soft skills."

Arxus, together with the employee, assesses strengths and development areas. If someone has a strong technical inclination, they might head in a more technical direction. Those who thrive on social interactions might take on customer contact. A diploma is not the most crucial factor to start at Arxus.

"Your motivation and a conceptual understanding of technology matter most to us," continues Rick. "You don't need to be able to set up an Azure environment on the spot, but you should at least know what it is and how it works. Basic knowledge is a must. Attitude is also essential. You need to fit into the team. Because we're a fairly young team, things can get playful at times, but we also have to push through to meet our deadlines. You need to be able to adapt to that."

"Despite the fact that we're mostly in our twenties or early thirties, age isn't the decisive factor for fitting into the team," adds Seppe. "We're all in different stages of life. Some have just graduated, while others have children. It's mainly the group dynamic that makes us go the extra mile for each other."

Going the Extra Mile

Arxus holds two official team-building events each year with all colleagues. Additionally, there are team-building activities per squad and monthly team events. The close-knit nature of Arxus employees is also evident in the time they spend together outside of working hours.

"Some colleagues work out together before coming to work, others game together after hours. We often have lunch together. I think most fast-food restaurants in the area know us by now," laughs Seppe.

"Especially that group feeling at the service desk is fantastic. It makes us more like a group of friends than just colleagues, and we go the extra mile for each other. Anyone who comes to work here gains an extra family along with the job," concludes Rick.

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