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Arxus Service Desk focuses on local and human character

While a service desk usually only offers first-line support for IT problems, Arxus takes a different approach. Arxus' Service Desk stands for an all-round service that helps you from A to Z, and also does so in Dutch, English or French. Colleagues and Service Desk employees Seppe Vandegaer and Rick de Greef elaborate below on how they work and why they put extra emphasis on the human and local factor within their service. 

With 800 cloud customers from all kinds of sectors, Arxus can safely be called an expert in cloud environments. All these customers expect fast service and quick follow-up in case of possible problems. For this, Arxus relies on its own Service Desk. This team consists of some 25 enthusiastic people in their twenties and thirties with a solid technical background, divided into three teams. 

Rick de Greef is Chapter Lead on the red team that focuses on everything to do with Modern Workplace. "Besides the red team, we also have a yellow and a blue team," Rick explains. "The yellow team focuses on hybrid applications, private cloud and private datacenters. Team blue, in turn, focuses on Azure." 

"The division into the different groups came because of our growth," adds Seppe Vandegaer, Tribe Lead at the Service Desk. "We want to give customers the feeling that they can always turn to the same people. By dividing our team into three groups, we can continue to guarantee our personal approach and, on the other hand, also specialise in our customers' environments."

Quick response

At Arxus, every customer has a personal dashboard through which they can start a ticket for support. Whoever opens such a ticket at the Service Desk, is helped within 15 minutes to 8 working hours, depending on the urgency of the ticket. In doing so, you also immediately come into contact with someone with a technical background, so the problem can often be solved quickly. 

"As soon as we receive a ticket, we contact the requester as soon as possible. This can be done in our Arxus Portal via a kind of messaging system, but just as easily by phone," Seppe says. "A telephone call has the advantage that we can get to the origin of the problem faster. In addition, you can also put more emotion into this form of communication, so the help feels more personal." 

Arxus often works with internal IT departments within companies, and so tries to involve them in problem-solving. "We often find that they really like to be involved. They get instant feedback on the problem, but also gain new insights into the issues at hand on a technical level," says Rick.

Microsoft Premier Partner

Although Arxus solves most problems itself, we sometimes need to involve Microsoft. Because Arxus is a Premier Partner of Microsoft, we can offer certain benefits to our customers.  

Rick elaborates: "That status as a Premier Partner of Microsoft ensures that we can move quickly, even in case of bigger problems. In addition, we have the advantage that we often see several customers coming back with the same problem for global issues. In that case, we can bundle those problems and Microsoft will be able to provide feedback or a solution faster on certain problems."


In addition, Arxus' Service Desk also has the great advantage that you can also purchase other cloud services from them. Thanks to their one-stop-shop mentality, you can also turn to them for optimisation or security of your cloud, among other things. 

"Within Arxus, we have a lot of support services that allow you to start improving your cloud proactively," says Rick. "For example, we have several services that focus entirely on the security of your cloud. Thanks to our expertise in all cloud domains, as a business leader you no longer have to lie awake worrying about potential dangers." 

If you are interested to hear more about our Service Desk, or if you would like to know more about what Arxus can do for you, can contact one of our sales colleagues or leave your contact info via this form.

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