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The Cronos Group wins the Microsoft Belgium Partner of the Year Award for the second consecutive year

The Cronos Group may call itself Microsoft Partner of the Year in Belgium for at least another year. It’s a unique achievement for a company to win the award and title two years in a row. The Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards recognize outstanding successes and innovations by partners in over 100 countries. We’re proud that our continued efforts at Arxus contributed significantly to this important recognition for The Cronos Group.  

Each year, the award winners of the Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards are selected based on their commitment to customers, the impact of their solutions and their exemplary use of Microsoft technologies. In several ways, Arxus played an important role within The Cronos Group to be selected as Microsoft Partner of the Year: 

  • Arxus takes an Azure-first approach in which we always look first at whether we can offer possible solution on the Microsoft Azure platform. As a result, we have become one of the leading companies worldwide when it comes to Azure expertise. This is not only confirmed by us, but also by Microsoft itself as Arxus is among a select group of companies from all corners of the world that hold an Azure Expert NLMSP certification, which was just granted.
  • In addition to our extensive experience with Microsoft 365 and what the M365 platform has to offer, we also add our Arxus services to the mix: 24/7 local support and the management, maintenance and security of your solution. In addition, we've also launched our own Microsoft Teams Voice solution, a fundamental component that makes Teams the ultimate all-in-one communications solution for any business user. This way you and your company immediately have everything you need to enable all your employees to collaborate and work together in an efficient and user-friendly way. Furthermore, we are also firmly committed to the Cloud Endpoint solution that enables businesses to simplify and centralize the security and management of their mobile devices, apps and computers. 
  • The Cronos Group signed the exclusive Azure Multi-Year Data Center Optimization Agreement as one of the few Microsoft CSP partners in the world. This is because of our expertise in migrating and modernizing workloads to Azure, our rapid growth in cloud solutions, and because we, along with our hosting origins, have fully embraced the digital transformation to Azure. Thanks to this deal, historically one of the largest of its kind, Arxus has access to exclusive programs, tools and experts from Microsoft.
  • We are also closely involved in Microsoft's Digital AmBEtion initiative to accelerate the digital transformation of Belgium's public and private sectors. With the creation of this new data center region, Microsoft is providing advanced data security and cloud solutions, giving Belgian organizations local data residency and faster access to the cloud.
  • Arxus is fully committed to the Microsoft Partner Pledge. This means that we put a lot of energy into digital skills development (we’re a partner in the MiCRONOS Cloud Academy), sustainability (e.g. our partnership with Go Forest, paperless office and electric fleet) and inclusion.
  • We have vast experience with all Microsoft programs that may be useful to our clients. This way we can always offer our clients the right Microsoft support and benefits for their specific project or situation. 

We’re extremely proud that Microsoft is awarding our innovative mindset and expertise for a second year in a row. Proud, but not satisfied, because at Arxus we will continue to innovate to always provide our customers with the best support, guidance and expertise. This will allow both Arxus and The Cronos Group to grow even further to become the Microsoft Partner of tomorrow. 

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