Arxus Customer Portal provides greater efficiency

Every customer of Arxus has his own online portal. A website where all Arxus services and products can be found in one place. From now on, you can check your invoices to requesting an additional Microsoft 365 license with a single mouse click. Stijn Vanderelst, responsible for this portal,...

MiCA helps develop digital talent

Within the Cronos Group, Luk Denayer, managing partner at Bluu, is responsible for a cluster of companies focusing on Microsoft technology and, together with Arxus, co-founder of MiCRONOS, the Microsoft community at The Cronos Group. To meet the increased demand for cloud expertise among companies...

Plan, ready, operate with Arxus' Cloud Custodian team

The Cloud Custodian team at Arxus helps customers set up and prepare their environment for Microsoft Azure, Microsoft's public cloud. They are one of the Microsoft Expert Managed Service Providers for Azure in Belgium. Pieter Buytaert and York Van den Heuvel of the Cloud Custodian Team explain...

Belgium's Most Epic Hackathon

Belgium's Most Epic Hackathon, Hack the Future! We would like to take a look back with our two winners of the Arxus challenge! Every year, students are triggered to participate in one of challenging tasks and at the same time also get the chance to get to know different Cronos companies. Arxus was...

What are APIs and why are they important?

Toon Vanhoutte, architect at Noest will tell us more about APIs. What are they, what are they for and why are they so important? Toon explains it all.An API, short for Application Programming Interface, is actually the user interface for the processes that you want to connect and integrate with an...

What is a Cognitive Search Engine and what can you do with it?

Sammy Deprez and Wouter Baetens are managing partners at Arinti. As specialists in AI & Data Science, they have developed a new Cognitive Search Engine. But what is it? And what can you do with it?

Smartly moving your applications to the cloud

Brecht Vancauwenberghe is a senior .NET and Azure developer and architect at CloudFuel. He tells us how he helps his clients bring their applications to the cloud and avoid the pitfalls that come with it.

How does data modernization work?

Data Modernization and Business Intelligence are key if you want to be successful in the cloud. Frederik Vandeputte and Frederik Bogaerts of Kohera are happy to explain the most important do's and don'ts when migrating data to the cloud.

What's serverless?

Even today, a number of companies have servers running in their offices. Over the years, public cloud providers have introduced concepts such as Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service, where the concept of a physical server becomes increasingly abstract. They even speak of...

Microsoft launches Belgian data center region

Microsoft today launched its grand plans as part of their #DigitalAmBEtion initiative, specifically a Belgian data center region.