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An efficient and secure network thanks to Arxus and Cisco Meraki

In a previous blog post, you could read about how Arxus Cloud Connectivity can solve connectivity issues between your business and the cloud. In this blog, we take it a step further and look at connectivity within your organisation. Mutlu Anil (Business Lead Hybrid) and Stef Renders (Technical Lead Hybrid) from Arxus discuss below how they ensure a smooth and stable network within the corporate walls via Cisco Meraki.

Whether it's a warehouse, a small SME or a multi-site company, everyone benefits from a stable network connection. Especially for organisations with outdated hardware or when starting up new branches, it is beneficial to invest in a cloud managed solution right away when updating the system. Those who want to be sure they are making the right choice can seek the help of a professional such as Arxus.

Less cost, more efficiency

To build a customised network for your organization, Arxus uses Cisco Meraki's tools. They are the world leader in this type of connectivity solution. Using Cisco Meraki has several advantages:

  • Your operational costs decrease because you can do remote troubleshooting.
  • Your productivity increases due to faster and more reliable connectivity.
  • You protect your organisation against possible security risks.
  • Management of your network becomes easier and simpler.
  • You can analyse customer experiences based on location data.

In addition, through Cisco Meraki, Arxus can also offer solutions for companies that cannot use a wired network. Think of construction sites, where there is often no fixed internet connection. By using a 4G connection, a network tailored to the site can be worked out here as well.

If you are convinced of the benefits of a cloud managed solution such as Cisco Meraki, you can start a conversation with the Arxus staff. In a first step, they will visit your company for an on-site survey. In doing so, they look for any blind spots and a suitable location for the various Wi-Fi and access points. After an intake interview, you get a plan tailored to your company. You decide whether you will have the work done by your own team or by Arxus, with Arxus people always on standby in case of problems.

Personal online dashboard

In a final step, you get a full online dashboard, Meraki Insights, which gives you an overview of your organisation. This allows you to view the connectivity at your site(s), consult the various access points and notice possible problems right away. Again, you choose whether you check or monitor the dashboard yourself, or would prefer to leave this to Arxus.

Thanks to Arxus' years of experience with Cisco Meraki, they now know all the ins and outs of the platform. This allows them to provide a fast, but above all personal approach and support.

Because Arxus follows the architecture and roadmap of each customer, we also guide our customers through changes within their organisation. Just think of an expansion of your branches or an acquisition. We can also help you with the guidance of your connectivity to the cloud if it is not yet ready, making Arxus your single point of contact for all your questions.

Those interested in working with Arxus can contact us here.Contact us

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