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Flexibility and local expertise thanks to Arxus' Microsoft CSP programme

Today, there are three ways a company can purchase cloud services from Microsoft such as Azure or Microsoft Dynamics 365. The most approachable way is to purchase the technology through Microsoft's website. In turn, large corporate companies have the option of entering into specific Enterprise Agreements with Microsoft. But there is also a third way that offers benefits to small, medium and large companies: purchase through a Cloud Solutions Provider.

A Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) is a Microsoft partner that can and may offer Microsoft's cloud services to its customers. Arxus is such a partner and participates in the Microsoft CSP programme. That both Microsoft and Arxus strongly believe in their partnership was evidenced recently by the renewed Azure contract signed between Microsoft and The Cronos Group.  As The Cronos Group's Microsoft cloud specialist, Arxus sees the use of cloud services increasing every year, and wants to invest further in the technology. The CSP partnership is an important part of this. 

The CSP programme therefore offers numerous benefits for all parties participating in it. We list below the four most important pluses for companies in advance: 

  1. Flexibility and simplicity
    Through the CSP programme, you only pay for what you use. So smoothly scale up or down your needs, all based on your actual consumption. You can cancel your subscription at any time, and are not stuck with long-term contracts. Moreover, you enjoy the best deals available on the market. Via the online Arxus portal, you also easily manage your own account, and Arxus is just a click away in case of possible problems.
  2. Clear costs
    Furthermore, as a CSP partner, Arxus can not only help you manage your cloud services, they can also help you reduce your costs. For example, customers receive one consolidated monthly invoice based on their usage. In addition, you also get an in-house developed Power BI report, complementary to Microsoft's standard cost control functionality, in which you get insights into your data using visuals and findings. This allows us to track and further optimise your Azure spend.
  3. Local, dedicated support
    As a CSP customer, with Arxus you can also count on a service desk available 24/7 for all your questions. In addition, the local team of experts supports you from Belgium, so you can be helped smoothly and quickly in your own language. In more complex cases, Arxus can also escalate your questions to Microsoft's support team. As an Azure Expert MSP, they have a direct line to their team, keeping them up to date with all the news and possible failures.
  4. Licensing expertise
    Purchasing the right licences and keeping them up-to-date can sometimes feel overwhelming for an IT team. At Arxus, you can count on a team of experts to take care of the entire administration. Thanks to years of accumulated expertise, we also ensure that you, as a company, get the best deal and maximum value from your services. 

Because Microsoft's Enterprise Agreements are mainly aimed at the very largest companies, medium-sized or smaller companies are often left out in the cold. A collaboration with a CSP partner like Arxus can then be interesting for companies that, in addition to purchasing specific Microsoft cloud services, are also looking for additional services such as further optimisation or security of their cloud. 

The big advantage about Arxus, is that it is part of The Cronos Group. That ecosystem ensures that, as a company, you can also immediately call on the Group's more than 500 competence centres. That's 9,000 extra employees who can look into your problem, in any technology. In this way, Arxus can be your Partner of Everything, offering a solution to all your questions.

Those who like to use Arxus' CSP services can onboard themselves via the Arxus Portal. Do you have further questions about the other services Arxus can all offer you or about the CSP partnership? Then contact us via this form.

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