FinOps helps align your cloud technology investments with your strategic goals.

In the last couple of years, more and more organizations are adopting Azure public cloud. These organizations are either born in the cloud, transform or rearchitect legacy applications, or migrate workloads due to end-of-life deprecated capex investments.

Cronos4Industry helps the manufacturing industry analyze data

In the industrial and manufacturing world, there has been an extraordinary amount of digital innovation going on in recent years, so the need for specialized IT people is growing. Koen Rutten graduated as an electromechanical engineer and soon went to work as an IT professional. With Cronos4Industry

Arxus and SecWise expand collaboration structurally

After previously collaborating successfully on a project basis, Arxus and SecWise are now joining forces structurally. They are combining the IT operations of Arxus with the security consultancy & operations of SecWise to offer a total service to customers. Jochen Van Gasse from Arxus and Koen...

Arxus is proud that we as Cronos Group have been named Microsoft Partner of The Year 2022 for Belgium

Microsoft has announced today that Cronos Group is 'Microsoft Partner of The Year 2022' for Belgium. The Microsoft Partner of the Year awards acknowledges outstanding successes and innovations by partners in over 100 countries. This is an important recognition for us and we could not be more...

Bloom Story: Wendy Nys

Maximum 20% routine. For Wendy Nys, the other 80% may be more challenging. That's how she feels about life and that's also the balance she seeks in her work. Wendy has been Customer Success Manager at Arxus for a year now. It is a job in which she can perfectly combine her technical knowledge with...

Vulnerability management service puts your digital security on point

More and more organizations and business leaders are starting to see the value of good digital security. Especially after the many reports about ransomware attacks in the Belgian media. But even the smallest security issues can lead to crucial information leaks. The vulnerability management service...

Plan, ready, operate with Arxus' Cloud Custodian team

The Cloud Custodian team at Arxus helps customers set up and prepare their environment for Microsoft Azure, Microsoft's public cloud. They are one of the Microsoft Expert Managed Service Providers for Azure in Belgium. Pieter Buytaert and York Van den Heuvel of the Cloud Custodian Team explain...

What's serverless?

Even today, a number of companies have servers running in their offices. Over the years, public cloud providers have introduced concepts such as Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service, where the concept of a physical server becomes increasingly abstract. They even speak of...

Microsoft launches Belgian data center region

Microsoft today launched its grand plans as part of their #DigitalAmBEtion initiative, specifically a Belgian data center region.

Monitoring in the Cloud

Philip Van de Vyver, Azure Architect at Arxus talks more about monitoring in the cloud. How has the whole monitoring way of working changed since the advent of the cloud, and what should you look out for?

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