An efficient and secure network thanks to Arxus and Cisco Meraki

In a previous blog post, you could read about how Arxus Cloud Connectivity can solve connectivity issues between your business and the cloud. In this blog, we take it a step further and look at connectivity within your organization. Mutlu Anil (Business Lead Hybrid) and Stef Renders (Technical Lead...

FinOps helps align your cloud technology investments with your strategic goals.

In the last couple of years, more and more organizations are adopting Azure public cloud. These organizations are either born in the cloud, transform or rearchitect legacy applications, or migrate workloads due to end-of-life deprecated capex investments.

Cronos4Industry helps the manufacturing industry analyze data

In the industrial and manufacturing world, there has been an extraordinary amount of digital innovation going on in recent years, so the need for specialized IT people is growing. Koen Rutten graduated as an electromechanical engineer and soon went to work as an IT professional. With Cronos4Industry

AI and machine learning are increasingly attractive to businesses

More and more industries are beginning to see the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Deevid De Meyer is co-founder of the AI company Brainjar. He explains why AI is becoming increasingly popular and how you as a company can get started.

Learnia helps companies train and mentor employees

Digital skills and the digital skills gap are two words that are very present in the job market today. Digital skills have become indispensable, both in business and in society. Jan Pintelon is Managing Partner at Learnia, and a specialist in learning digital skills. He elaborates on the theme.

Choosing between Azure DevOps Suite and GitHub depends on your setup

DevOps is still one of the most important buzzwords within the IT sector. As such, it is a composite of development and business operations. Mathias Van De Pol is a Cloud Native Architect at Arxus, helping customers put their applications on Microsoft Azure in the best way possible. Today he shows...

The Flow customizes the employee journey for your company

The Flow has a people centric approach where it identifies the goals of your organization and the people who work for it. To do so, it uses an employee experience journey. Managing partner Benny Van De Velde explains how it works.

Arxus Cloud Connectivity solves connectivity issues between your business and the cloud

Because connectivity is not immediately tangible, its importance is sometimes difficult to assess. But a lack of it can cost your business a lot of money. The Arxus Cloud Connectivity Solutions ensure that the connectivity between your company and your cloud environment runs in optimal conditions....

Arxus and Cloud Avenue join forces to strengthen their position in the Cloud Voice market

Arxus broadens its Microsoft Teams Voice portfolio and expands geographically by adding 'Cloud Avenue' to the Arxus team. A few years ago at the launch of Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, we created a new full cloud Teams Voice portfolio with a focus on simplicity, speed, and unburdening. This was...

Arxus and SecWise expand collaboration structurally

After previously collaborating successfully on a project basis, Arxus and SecWise are now joining forces structurally. They are combining the IT operations of Arxus with the security consultancy & operations of SecWise to offer a total service to customers. Jochen Van Gasse from Arxus and Koen...

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