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More and more organizations are making the shift to cloud telephony. And there are several reasons for that: from lower maintenance costs to improved scalability and higher user-friendliness. But as a Cloud Solution Provider, we can go even further. Tim Peeters, our Teams Voice Specialist, tells you everything you need to know.

Nowadays, most companies opt for a cloud-based solution due to its cost-efficiency. Traditional telephony contracts are often very expensive. And take up longer periods of time. But with Teams Voice, that’s an entirely different story. Because when you already own licenses for Microsoft 365, you only have to pay a small additional fee in order to access the Teams Voice features.

And with a Microsoft partner, like us, at your side, you can get even more out of it. Because by adding certain middleware, you enjoy the freedom to customize your Teams Voice to your business needs, and make it entirely your own. But what if something goes wrong? Just let us know. At Arxus, we’re your one-stop-shop for cloud telephony.


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What is Arxus Teams Voice?

Arxus Teams Voice is one of our managed services, which is based on Microsoft Teams Cloud Voice. This service is comprised of two parts: Microsoft Teams Direct Routing and our Arxus Teams Calling Plans. Together they make sure that your trusted phone numbers and channels are integrated in the Microsoft Teams environment. And that you can call all the numbers that are registered on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). We’ll basically operate like your new telecom provider, working entirely from the cloud. So, no need for physical set-ups, like telephone exchanges or phonelines.

And with Teams Voice Extended we’re going even further: you can add your favorite phone numbers in Teams, check your Teams Voice applications in the Customer Portal or even pull reports. A lot more features to explore than in the basic version.


Switch to cloud telephony in 1-2-3

At Arxus, we want to keep you involved in the entire Teams Voice process. That’s why we’re taking you on an extensive journey. Because our service goes way beyond migrating your current voice solution to the cloud. But what does that mean exactly? 

  1. After an initial intake interview, we carefully map how your business operates: what services and applications you use, how strong your online network is, … We go down to the last detail, together with you. That way, we avoid surprises during the migration process. Afterwards, we'll provide you with a detailed roadmap, concrete action points and the formal offer..

  2. Once the offer has been approved, we start implementing. Not only technically, but also in terms of user adoption. "To stimulate this, we give practical training sessions. That way, our customers and their employees learn how to use the software efficiently and to sharpen their personal skills," according to Tim. By educating the right people, we make sure your cloud journey goes as smoothly as possible.

  3. After the migration, the real work begins: supporting you and your employees, wherever and whenever you need it. We do this through informative leaflets, by giving (online) webinars or workshops, and by posting updates on your internal video screens. 


Always prepared for new innovations

In order to provide you with the best possible service, we’re carefully following the latest Microsoft releases. And make sure you’re up to speed too. “Because at Arxus, innovation and a constant drive for improvement are engrained in our DNA”, Tim says. “Our team members are also certified and follow extensive training to optimally support you when implementing innovative solutions”. We also meticulously test all new applications before we introduce them to you.

As an organization we also focus a lot on Microsoft Teams Rooms, hybrid meeting spaces where all your employees can collaborate smoothly regardless of their location. "We believe strongly in this because it allows for a more efficient and flexible way of working. And we try to bring our customers on board too," Tim continues. "We’ve done the same thing to the meeting rooms at our office. So we’re definitely speaking from experience".


Ready to bring your voice to the cloud?

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