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Why choose Microsoft Azure?

Choosing to migrate to the cloud is one thing, choosing the right platform is something completely different. At Arxus we are convinced of Microsoft Azure and we use an Azure First strategy. Why? Because Microsoft Azure offers an incredibly high-performance and secure cloud platform that brings many benefits. We will list no fewer than 11 for you later in this blog post.

Microsoft also bets on Azure. New components and services are being launched at an enormous speed for the cloud platform. But perhaps even more important: Microsoft is the most chosen cloud provider and continues to gain market share compared to important competitors such as Amazon (AWS) and Google (Google Cloud).


What are the most important advantages of Microsoft Azure?

Complete service offering

Azure offers a complete range of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a Service (PaaS) options. With IaaS you can run the entire infrastructure of your company or organization on Azure and only pay for what you use. The PaaS services allow you to create your own cloud apps and solutions without having to purchase and maintain the underlying platform.

Hybrid friendly

Azure has the functionality to design hybrid clouds that are unique. With the recently launched Azure Arc you can design and manage a reliable, consistent platform between on-premise, other clouds and the public Azure cloud. Azure also offers a wider range of hybrid connections, including virtual private networks (VPNs), caches, content delivery networks (CDNs) and ExpressRoute connections.


Microsoft Azure is a very efficient platform and offers a lot of flexibility and scalability. Applications, infrastructure, storage, etc. can be scaled easily, quickly and in a user-friendly way from 10 to 10 million users. The platform ensures that you always have a customized solution.


Microsoft Azure is hosted in Microsoft data centers. These Azure data centers are spread over various regions. There are two or more data centers per region. That way you have the guarantee of maximum availability of your applications and data, and at the same time you have a solution for business continuity and disaster recovery.


Azure is designed based on the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) process. This means that security is considered from the drawing board for every service or component and that security is implemented at the core of the application. Azure also offers secure Identity & Access Management (IAM) capabilities with Azure Active Directory service to give right users access to the right information. Microsoft therefore guarantees the best in terms of security for all operations and data within the Azure Cloud.

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Data privacy

Microsoft Azure was the first cloud platform that embraced the international ISO 27018 standard for cloud privacy. Moreover, Microsoft does not move any data outside the chosen region. As a customer you can determine for every type of data where - in which region - Microsoft should store it. So in terms of GDPR you are safe.

Intelligence and analysis

Azure offers you built-in support to delve deeper into data and discover important insights for improving business processes and decision making. Azure offers possibilities for Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS), machine learning, bots and cognitive APIs.


Microsoft invests heavily in Microsoft Azure. Not only to keep the platform performing, but especially to constantly renew and improve it. The amount of new services and components and the pace at which they are launched is noticeably higher than in the competition.

Transparent costs

Microsoft uses a "pay per use" approach for Azure. In concrete terms, this means that only your actual consumption per minute is charged. For example, if you choose to reduce your number of servers halfway through a month, you will actually pay a lower price at the end of that month.

Learning curve

Microsoft uses trusted tools such as Visual Studio, ASP.NET and programming languages ​​such as Visual Basic, C ++, C #, etc. to develop cloud-native applications. That makes it easier for developers to quickly develop cloud-based applications.


With Azure you get a perfectly integrated environment with other frequently used Microsoft applications such as Office 365 and SharePoint. But it goes much further than that: there is now an enormous ecosystem of companies that provide specific services on top of the Azure platform.


What does Arxus have to offer on top of Microsoft Azure?

Azure Expert MSP

Arxus is one of the worlds leading companies on Azure expertise. We're not just saying that, Microsoft is. Arxus is part of a select group of a limited number of companies worldwide that possess an Azure Expert MSP certificate.

Cloud Custodian Services

With our Cloud Custodian Services we offer you a new and standardised approach to migrate to Azure and to optimally manage the cloud environment of your organisation. That way we can offer you control, speed and flexibility.

Local support

With the Azure expertise that we have in-house, we can offer you qualitative local support 24/7. If you have a challenge or a problem, you can easily contact one of our experts in your native language.



Azure is one of the best secured cloud platforms in the world. In addition, we also have an ISO 27001 certificate for data protection. We ensure maximum security tailored to the needs of your company or organization.


An important added value is that we design our own innovative services and that our DevOps specialists think along with you about relevant developments for your applications.


As part of the Cronos Group, we also have partners who can collaborate with us in every IT domain (such as ERP, CRM, AI, machine learning, etc.) and make a link with Azure.

Cloud Management Portal

We have a transparent cloud management portal. This allows you have a detailed view the way your cloud environment is managed. It also gives you an insight into the evolution of your consumption and the associated costs.

Transparent invoicing

We will send you a single invoice with all your Azure costs. That makes it clear to see exactly how and where your budget is spent in the cloud.


More, more, more?

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Free Azure Readiness Assessment

We pursue an Azure First strategy because we firmly believe in the benefits that Microsoft Azure offers. That is why we always look, together with (potential) customers who want to migrate to the cloud, whether Azure is a good choice. That is why we are happy to offer a free Azure Readiness Assessment. We assess your Azure Readiness and give you an idea of the possibilities, work points and risks during a migration to Azure.

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