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Vulnerability management service puts your digital security on point

More and more organizations and business leaders are starting to see the value of good digital security. Especially after the many reports about ransomware attacks in the Belgian media. But even the smallest security issues can lead to crucial information leaks. The vulnerability management service from Arxus helps companies detect possible gaps in their security. Product Manager Ruben Vandille tells us all about it below.

With the many ransomware stories in the media, the perception around cybersecurity has changed in recent years. A small hole in your digital security can quickly have major consequences. It is therefore important that organizations are aware of the performance of their digital security.

Compare it to securing your home. You can install an excellent alarm system like Intrusion Detection. But if you leave a window or door open, a thief can still steal your television before the police arrive on the scene. Arxus's vulnerability management service ensures that as a business leader you are aware of your proverbial open windows and doors, and how to close them.

The vulnerability management service primarily targets users of the Arxus Cloud and Azure Public Cloud, but can also be applied on prem to customers. The system consists of 3 main components.

  1. Daily Scanning
    The system knows what version of applications are out there and compares them to a database of known Common Vulnerability and Exposures (CVE). Depending on the severity, each threat is given a certain score and the system also automatically creates a ticket to an Arxus employee who reviews it within 24 hours.
  2. Threat assessment
    Based on the CVE score and the type of threat, Arxus makes an assessment. Some threats do not pose an immediate risk to your organization because they are behind different firewalls, and can be addressed during a subsequent maintenance. Others may pose a high risk to the organization, and are best tackled immediately.
  3. Customised advice
    After the assessment, Arxus draws up an advice for the customer on how the problem can be solved. In this, we offer various levels of cooperation. Some customers choose to solve small problems themselves. For larger problems, Arxus can provide advice or we can solve the problem immediately.

The Vulnerability management service is fully scalable according to the size of an organization. Are you already using the Arxus Cloud or Azure Public Cloud and have you become convinced of the benefits of the Arxus Vulnerability management service? Or are you interested in using the service on prem? Contact us for more information tailored to your business.

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