Why choose Microsoft Azure?

Choosing to migrate to the cloud is one thing, choosing the right platform is something completely different. At Arxus we are convinced of Microsoft Azure and we use an Azure First strategy. Why? Because Microsoft Azure offers an incredibly high-performance and secure cloud platform that brings...

The advantages of a migration to the (public) cloud

Websites and ecommerce solutions have been in the cloud for a long time. But nowadays more and more companies and organizations are also choosing to bring their infrastructure (IaaS) and applications (SaaS) to the cloud. Even many business-critical applications are already running in a public or...

Contraload supports expansion with Arxus managed services

Just two years ago, ICT was Contraload’s problem child. Today, the company regards ICT as an essential enabler for further expansion. Contraload strongly believes in the concept of ICT as a Service, with Arxus – an Uptime Group company – as its partner.