MiCA helps develop digital talent

Within the Cronos Group, Luk Denayer, managing partner at Bluu, is responsible for a cluster of companies focusing on Microsoft technology and, together with Arxus, co-founder of MiCRONOS, the Microsoft community at The Cronos Group. To meet the increased demand for cloud expertise among companies...

Plan, ready, operate with Arxus' Cloud Custodian team

The Cloud Custodian team at Arxus helps customers set up and prepare their environment for Microsoft Azure, Microsoft's public cloud. They are one of the Microsoft Expert Managed Service Providers for Azure in Belgium. Pieter Buytaert and York Van den Heuvel of the Cloud Custodian Team explain...

What is a Cognitive Search Engine and what can you do with it?

Sammy Deprez and Wouter Baetens are managing partners at Arinti. As specialists in AI & Data Science, they have developed a new Cognitive Search Engine. But what is it? And what can you do with it?

Smartly moving your applications to the cloud

Brecht Vancauwenberghe is a senior .NET and Azure developer and architect at CloudFuel. He tells us how he helps his clients bring their applications to the cloud and avoid the pitfalls that come with it.

Microsoft launches Belgian data center region

Microsoft today launched its grand plans as part of their #DigitalAmBEtion initiative, specifically a Belgian data center region.

Working remotely - seizing opportunities in a "remote-first" world

Working remotely is the new normal. Employees prefer to have the choice between commuting to the office, participating in meetings online or offline, and working on collaborative projects from home. While some remote work solutions are focused on one department, role or task, flexibility is...

Working remotely - struggling with productivity

From on-premise to the cloud: Struggling with productivity The global pandemic forced us all to move to hybrid working, but many companies are struggling to streamline their processes and workflows.

Working remotely - a story of digital transformation

From on-premise to the cloud: a story of digital transformation It was bizarre how quickly everything changed when the pandemic hit. One day we were still commuting to work, thinking masks were something for surgeons and extreme hypochondriacs. The next day we were hoarding toilet paper, all...

Arxus commits to the Microsoft Partner Pledge

As a socially responsible company, Arxus is always looking for initiatives to improve its impact on socially important themes. This is simply ingrained in Arxus's DNA, and the Cronos Group, of which Arxus is a member, is also a forerunner in various initiatives concerning corporate social...

What's Cloud Governance

York Van den Heuvel is managing partner at Altogee. As a cloud consultant, he explains why governance is so important when migrating to the cloud. Cloud Governance is the framework within which you prepare your organization to migrate to the cloud. It is based on a number of principles that ensure...