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From job shadowing to project internship. How did Luca experience working at Arxus?

Luca Dombret, final-year student "Network and System Administration" at AP College started in November with a job shadowing. Later, this internship evolved into a project internship with a focus on Open Source expertise. How did that internship go? You can read it here!

How did you end up at Arxus?

On the internship list that I received from school, I checked all the companies and one stood out, namely Arxus. It is always a bit of a gamble what kind of company you will end up in. But your site appealed to me the most.

At Arxus, you were part of the Hybrid team. What assignment did you get to work on?

Arxus uses an update server. I was allowed to investigate the new version. An update server is a server that consists of many packages to which you attach clients. The advantage is that you can perform updates via your own server and not via the distributor's server. Another advantage is that you can choose which packets to update and which packets you want to install on the server.

How did your internship go?

Good! I am really satisfied. At 16 weeks I had 3 supervisors, namely Maxime De Coninck, Rick De Greef and Arne Covens. All 3 helped me very well.

HR also did a fantastic job. Bo Van de Poel and Mats Verheyen sat down with me on a regular basis. Among other things, they helped me with the bundle that I had to make for school. They gave me tips on that.

Is Arxus going to do anything with your research?

There hasn't been any word yet on whether they're going to use the new version of the update server. But if Arxus wants to stay with this system, they will have to update it eventually. I think they will do this in the future.

How have you experienced working at Arxus?

Good! In my self-reflection book I wrote that the atmosphere at Arxus was very good. In the beginning I was a bit afraid to start with my first experience within my field of study. What do they expect from me? How will people deal with someone without experience? But I certainly cannot complain about the support and guidance I received at Arxus!

Arxus organizes events on a regular basis. Did you participate in these events?

I was present at almost all events. They were fun and well organized. And the afterwork every Friday was also a nice way to end the week.

You are now close to graduation. What are the next steps?

On the 21st of June, I have my internship defense. And besides taking some re-exams in August, I hope to pass and be able to start working. Before my internship, I wanted to do one more year of additional study. But after those 16 weeks, I have no desire to continue studying. I also don't feel that such an extra year is necessary. Overall, I am very happy!

Are you interested in an internship at Arxus? Send an email to and hopefully we will see you soon!

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