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Arxus Teams Voice has many benefits for your business. But when it comes to offering solutions, we want to go the extra mile. Because with our Teams Voice Extended you get access to a whole range of additional features and support. Excited to know how it works? Johan Vermeulen, our Cloud Product Manager, shares all the details about this brand new service.

Every telephony environment is different: at some companies it consists only of physical devices, while other organizations, for example, also use intercoms to open the door. Or speakers to make announcements in their warehouse. Situations like these clearly call for an adapted solution: our Arxus Teams Voice Extended.

With this service, you take your cloud calling to a whole new level. Because it allows you to completely centralize and personalize your telephony environment. But what does that mean exactly?


What is Teams Voice Extended?

Arxus Teams Voice works the same way as a classic telephone system. But simply from the cloud. And that has several advantages:

  • It’s based on Microsoft Teams, which allows you to use the same app for chatting, online video calling and sharing files.
  • Thanks to Microsoft Office 365, you have access to tools such as Sharepoint, Outlook and OneDrive, in addition to Teams.
  • We offer you the necessary guidance during the transition to cloud telephony.

And with Teams Voice Extended, we go one step further. With this affordable additional service on top of Arxus Teams Voice, our standard cloud calling service, we offer you a complete solution for any situation.


What are the main features?

Teams Voice Extended overview


What is the added value?

More options

Teams Voice Standard already offers a lot of functionalities: from international calling plans and user-adoption assistance to additional integrations. But with Teams Voice Extended, you can customize even more and connect loads of additional devices, such as:

  • Analog and SIP phones
  • Intercoms and paging speakers
  • SIP audio devices
  • SIP A/V devices

Whatever your telephony infrastructure looks like, our Teams Voice Extended service gives you tons of extra integration options. And keeps you connected anytime, anywhere, on any device.


More efficiency and flexibility

Working from home has become an integral part of the modern workplace. After all, with the Microsoft Teams app on your laptop or smartphone, you're always connected, wherever you are. But thanks to the extensions of our Teams Voice Extended service, you have access to your entire telephony system from a remote location. Allowing you to enjoy the flexibility of remote work and to ensure an efficient workflow everywhere.

Does your company work in several different locations? Then Teams Voice Extended could also help you reduce your costs. Because with a fully integrated, cloud-based telephony solution, your company will no longer need to provide on-prem phone systems. This not only saves you a lot of maintenance work (and costs), but also makes your telephony system a lot more (cost) efficient and easier to manage.


More support

At the start of each Teams Voice project, we begin with an extensive intake and assessment. At that time we always check the stability of your network connection, which devices you use for your tasks, and how your employees use the telephony system. Then, step by step, we start preparing your employees for the switch.

Choosing Teams Voice Extended? Then you'll never have to worry about your telephony ever again. Because we'll take care of the entire process: from migration to support and management. So you can focus on what really counts: your business.


More reports and analytics

Via the Arxus Portal, you get a clear view of your entire telephony environment. That way, you can keep an eye on everything yourself, thanks to the useful reports and analytics. And with Teams Voice Extended you can dive even further into the details. Because the advanced reports give you additional insights into the usage and status of your cloud telephony environment.

And best of all? With our 360° AI monitoring service, you'll always be informed of unexpected changes or status updates, without having to proactively check them. That way, you always have enough information to make well-informed decisions. And allow us to quickly intervene or make adjustments on your behalf.


Interested in Arxus Teams Voice?

Want to find out which service from our cloud voice offering suits you best? Feel free to contact one of our sales managers. Or send us your questions via the contact form.


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