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Cloud calling via Teams for Cyclis Bike Lease | Arxus

“Thanks to the Teams Voice solution from Arxus, the call management of our helpdesk has become even more powerful,” says Gerrit Raa, Head of Operations at Cyclis Bike Lease. To provide more than 35,000 cyclists with the same strong support everywhere and at all times, Belgium’s first and largest bike leasing company went looking for an efficient tool for cloud telephony. Our Teams Voice solution emerged as a suitable candidate. And we were very curious about their experience.

2020 shook up the cards of working life harder than the average croupier. Cyclis Bike Lease was scratching its head at the beginning of the corona crisis. As a bike leasing company, a well-functioning telephone line is an integral part of their business and the customer experience. That’s why Cyclis Bike Lease, like many other companies, went looking for a tool with which their support team could work just as well from home as on location.

“We first worked via a link with a physical device and also experimented with softphones,” Gerrit explains. “Yet we quickly noticed that following up and forwarding calls to the appropriate experts didn’t go that smoothly, and we had insufficient overview to be able to manage that. As a result, the Teams Voice solution from Arxus came into the picture, especially since we were already working together for the support and architecture of our Azure and Office 365 environments.”

Flexibility is king

With our Teams Voice solution, Cyclis Bike Lease became independent of physical telephone devices, and their support team could also continue to use their familiar Teams environment and interface. Moreover, our service not only made working from home a lot more obvious.

“There was also more flexibility in the office itself,” emphasizes Gerrit. “We can now identify, categorize, and follow up on customer questions much better. In addition, we can also assign calls in real-time to the right people, change queues ... In other words, the call management of our helpdesk has become much more powerful, regardless of the location from which they work. As a result, we are now even closer to our customers.”

Support as a common thread

Like Cyclis Bike Lease, we also value an effective helpdesk and a close customer relationship. That’s why fast and strong support can rightly be called the common thread in our collaboration.

“Through the Arxus Portal, our questions or problems are picked up and handled quickly. In addition, the various areas of expertise of Arxus also ensure that we could get someone on the line for every problem,” explains Gerrit.

“In the Belgian cycling world, we’re a major player who wants to fully focus on digitalization. But we’re certainly not a dedicated IT company. If we want to switch quickly and call certain processes into life, we must be able to rely on good reliable partners,” emphasizes Gerrit. “At Arxus, we can call on various fields of knowledge and skill sets, without getting the feeling that we’re sitting at the table with a different party every time. That’s a big advantage for us.”

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