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Arxus and Cloud Avenue join forces to strengthen their position in the Cloud Voice market

Arxus broadens its Microsoft Teams Voice portfolio and expands geographically by adding 'Cloud Avenue' to the Arxus team.

A few years ago at the launch of Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, we created a new full cloud Teams Voice portfolio with a focus on simplicity, speed, and unburdening. This was perfect for quickly activating customers with limited complexity into this solution which, due to the corona pandemic and lots of work at home, was growing rapidly.

To migrate customers with more complex existing Skype for Business environments, the existing 'voice' part of Auxility joined a few months later. And now we are pleased to announce that Arxus is further strengthening its position in the Teams Cloud Voice market by adding 'Cloud Avenue', the one-stop shop for business communications, to the Arxus team. This not only expands the team, but also allows us to better support migrations from other platforms towards Teams Voice. We will be able to support our Teams Voice customers in their call center needs as well as integrate existing SIP providers and other systems.

The team that Arxus has built up in recent years around Cloud Voice now consists of ten specialists, each with years of experience in the UC market. At the same time, we have also invested heavily in a state-of-the-art Microsoft Teams Voice portfolio. This enables us to transform the existing Microsoft 365 solution for all types of customers into the ultimate all-in-one communication solution that unites chat, calendar, e-mail, online meetings and telephony. Microsoft already sees Arxus as a very focused and technically strong cloud player that invests heavily in a services portfolio on top of Microsoft Cloud Services. They would like to see Arxus continue this approach in this part of the Microsoft portfolio with, among other things, the support of Operator Connect.

Joining 'Cloud Avenue' to the Arxus 'Teams Voice' team gives a significant 'boost' to our expertise and our Cloud Voice portfolio. We are also broadening our playing field geographically to include the Netherlands. All this with the clear ambition to play a leading role in the Benelux Microsoft Teams Voice market.

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