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Arxus Cloud Connectivity solves connectivity issues between your business and the cloud

Because connectivity is not immediately tangible, its importance is sometimes difficult to assess. But a lack of it can cost your business a lot of money. The Arxus Cloud Connectivity Solutions ensure that the connectivity between your company and your cloud environment runs in optimal conditions. Mutlu Anil (Business Lead Hybrid) and Stef Renders (Technical Lead Hybrid) will be happy to go over what you need to consider when it comes to the connectivity of your company.

The Arxus Cloud Connectivity Solutions are an addition to our existing managed services portfolio in which we try to unburden our customers as much as possible. We bring all connectivity issues between companies and the cloud environment they work in, and then take care of all the adjustments that need to be made. This can range from changing your telecom subscription to the excavations for a new fiber connection.

3 reasons to have your connectivity checked

Chances are, when you see poor connectivity, you immediately link it to a faltering Internet connection. While a video call may seem harmless, there are countless other reasons to put your company's connectivity at the top of your priority list. We list the 3 most important ones below:

  1. Transformation to the cloud: Five or ten years ago, companies were still working via a local server that was located somewhere in their office. It was always accessible as long as you were in the office. Meanwhile, more and more companies are switching to a cloud environment. For that to happen smoothly, you need to ensure that your connection is stable and strong enough so that your employees have sufficient upload and download speeds.
  2. User Experience: As a company you need to think about the user experience of your employees. To give your employees the same ease of use, it is important that your company connection is optimal. For example, if you have no internet connection for half a day due to work in your street, your employees in the office will be technically unemployed during that entire time.
  3. Downtime costs money: If your employees are technically unemployed or your production stops because the Internet isn't working, your business is losing money. In addition to a good connection, it's best to make sure you have a backup right away. This can be a second line, but also a 4G or 5G connection. That way, you can minimize your downtime, and therefore the effect on your wallet.

The Arxus Cloud Connectivity Solutions are available for both existing and new Arxus customers. After a short intake interview, we start our assessment. You decide for yourself how extensive this is. We provide you with an overview of your current situation, as well as a transparent overview of the associated costs, such as an additional fibre connection. We look at the bigger picture and make the best choices for price/quality. In a conversation afterwards, we discuss which adjustments or works have priority, and which you can postpone to a later date.

Tailored to your company site

Do you have a company with multiple sites? If so, we provide a tailor-made assessment for each individual site. For example, we might suggest telecom operator A via a fibre connection for four of your sites, but we'll opt for operator B for the fifth because there isn't any fibre available yet. You can also have us carry out an assessment for sites which are still under construction.

Arxus Cloud Connectivity focuses primarily on the connectivity outside your company walls, but you can also contact Arxus with questions about your local network within your company walls. More information will follow in one of our next blogs.

If you have any questions about our Cloud Connectivity, please discuss them with your Customer Success Manager, or leave your details here.

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