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Launching ISVs to the cloud

“Software is eating the world”, “We are in the age of software”, “Technology and software is powering everything”, ...

Many decision makers at business of all sorts have had these prophetic slogans tossed at their heads for a long time now. More than any other business,  Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) specifically have been asking themselves how, in this age of software, to get their tools and IP to their customers in a fast but reliable way. Today, customers demand an always on, always available application, and the speed of change in technology is catching lagging companies off guard.

Just how easy is migrating to SaaS?

The SaaS model with its recurring subscription offers is a very interesting revenue model for many ISVs, but what if your technology stack isn’t ready to support that? Also, the everlasting promise of DevOps is that everyone can become one of those so-called elite performers, who use cloud-native technologies and agile practices to get the value to end-users, at extreme velocities, while maintaining everything in a super stable, secure and compliant state. Although many practices around the DevOps paradigm have matured over time, taking advantage of a true agile, cloud-native approach is still a difficult journey.

What are the obstacles?

As always, getting to ISV “nirvana” is not a one-step deal, it is a journey. And depending on where the ISV is on this journey, they will be facing different obstacles:

  • The application is still running on premise or in a datacenter, but the ISV is struggling to scale out. The market is closing in, customers want more features faster, and cloud-native start-ups are competing.
  • The application is already (partly) on a public cloud platform, but the ISV is lacking the right skills to go truly cloud-native and take advantage of all those PaaS services, with their ever-expanding feature sets. Many ISVs are even wondering if it is a good idea to invest in all that in-house knowledge. Shouldn’t their engineers focus more on the core business logic, instead of getting to know all the pieces of a 1000-piece puzzle?
  • The application is using cloud-native technology, but still the ISV is not getting the features out to end-users in time. What is going wrong? Is there something in the way in the delivery process?

Many ISV’s are struggling with these types of situations, and all the studies and industry experts give the same advice. As an ISV, you cannot, and you should not do it on your own anymore. Scaling your ISV business means partnering with an established, expert level partner that can alleviate your critical resources from the problems that is not core to an ISV’s mission. That same partner can also bring the experience to the table to guide the ISV through that cloud-native journey, and scaling their applications, tools and IP to a full-fledged SaaS based model.

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Arxus ISV Launchpad

The ISV Launchpad at Arxus does exactly that and offers a range of services and solutions that launches the ISV right to the cloud.

  • If the application still needs to be migrated to Azure, we got you covered. As an official partner of the Azure Migrate Program, we got all the resources and experts to bring you the cloud, fast and cost-efficient. Our architects are trained and certified in industry standards like the Cloud Adoption Framework and the Well Architected Framework, making sure you land your application in a stable and compliant environment or “landing zone”.
  • In one go, we also look at the so-called “low hanging fruit”. If your application can benefit from a certain PaaS service, we bring you and your code there. PaaS services have many benefits, one being preventing you from wasting time on boiler plate code and constantly reinventing the wheel. Those cost and time savings can be reinvested in developing value-adding features for your customers.
  • Got a large codebase? No worries, we have access to enterprise level code scanning tools that list out all the things that need to be done to get your code cloud-native, secure, and compliant. No time wasted!
  • Too many pieces in the Azure puzzle? We have more than 1200 technology experts at our disposal in the Cronos group, all focusing on specific additional possibilities for innovation, like AI, IoT, Security, AR, VR, …

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Azure Expert MSP

And finally, as an official Azure Expert MSP, we are more than well equipped to not only help you modernize your application, but also to alleviate you in Run phase of your SaaS service.

We have already demonstrated deep knowledge, extensive experience, and proven success in migrating and deploying production web application workloads, applying DevOps, and managing app services in Microsoft Azure. The attainment of the “Modernization of Web Applications to Microsoft Azure” Advanced Specialization proves this.

We have an extensive range of managed services in our Cloud Custodian solution, so that, while we take care of monitoring your application and keep it running smoothly, you can focus on the thing you care most about: building your application.

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