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How do you get started with Azure Virtual Desktop?

In a previous blog post, we warmed you up to the many benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and you could read about the concrete applications Azure Virtual Desktop has for your organization. Now it's time to get down to business! What are the requirements for getting started with Azure Virtual Desktop and how do you ensure a fast and smooth implementation?

Which requirements are there?

There are a number of things you need to get started with Azure Virtual Desktop and connect users. Of course, we can help see if your organization meets those requirements. That's typically something we discuss during our Jam Session. A brief overview of what you'll need:


First of all, check that you have the right licenses for the desktop and applications you want to implement. Everything is taken care of through the licensing of Office 365. Which is to say, by the way, that already a lot of companies are entitled to AVD without knowing it.


In terms of infrastructure, you need the following things to support AVD:


Make sure that your network meets the following requirements for optimal performance:

  • The return time between the client's network and the Azure region where the host groups are deployed must be less than 150 ms. This experience estimation shows the status of your connection by Azure region.
  • For optimal network performance, we recommend that the session host's virtual machines are in the same Azure region as the management service.

Three steps to Azure Virtual Desktop

We use a three-step approach to deploy Azure Virtual Desktop in organizations. First we hold a Jam Session in which we match the benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop to your organization. This is followed by an extensive workshop in which we draw up a detailed roadmap and finally the full rollout via our Azure Virtual Desktop program. Here's what you can expect in each step.


Step 1: Jam Session

In a Jam Session we present to you the possibilities and advantages that Azure Virtual Desktop has to offer. With this knowledge in hand we will have an open discussion about the needs and opportunities for your organization. We will take the time to answer all your questions and make it crystal clear what difference Azure Virtual Desktop can make for your organization.

Step 2: Workshop

Image - Stock - Training 001-1

Now that you have a good overview of all the possibilities of Azure Virtual Desktop and we know what

 your organization needs, it's time for step two. During a two-day workshop we will work out a tailor-made implementation in a very pragmatic and concrete way. This results in a clear and detailed roadmap for your organization.

During the first day of the workshop we zoom in on your current IT environment. We also map out the concrete needs of the users. We use this knowledge during the second day to draw up a clear design and roadmap.

At the end of the workshop you will be ready to effectively deploy Azure Virtual Desktop via the different steps of our program.

Step 3: implementation

For the final deployment and management of Azure Virtual Desktop, we use a program in a number of steps that we developed based on best practices from previous implementations. We also cannot forget change & adoption and program management during the entire process.

Customer Case

Jessa Hospital, one of the larger hospitals in Belgium with 900 beds and 3,500 employees, strongly believes in the benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop. The scalability of the cloud, the reduced licensing costs and the accessibility of applications from any device were the deciding factors for deploying the virtual desktop environment within the different campuses.

Jessa Ziekenhuis

What's next?

Free Proof of Concept set-up

We will set up a Proof of Concept environment for you completely free of charge so you can test the capabilities of Azure Virtual Desktop for your organization. This includes a free setup of your environment and a two hour conversation with one of our experts who will explain all the features and functionality of Azure Virtual Desktop.

Try it for free

Free Jam Session

Not quite convinced yet? Let's talk! During a free Jam Session we will present the possibilities of Azure Virtual Desktop for your organization. We will show you concrete advantages tailored to your company. Afterwards we like to have an open discussion, see where your interests lie and answer any questions you might have.

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