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Azure Cloud Adoption Framework: what are the benefits? | Arxus

Moving your entire IT infrastructure to Azure might seem like a huge undertaking. But that certainly doesn’t have to scare you off. Because Microsoft has created a useful guide to successfully migrate your organization to Azure: the Cloud Adoption Framework. Want to find out how it can accelerate your migration? Or how we at Arxus can keep supporting your adoption journey afterwards? We’ll tell you all about it.


A detailed guide by Microsoft

Het Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) is a comprehensive, fully laid-out methodology to make your migration to Azure as smooth as possible, starting from your initial cloud strategy to the continuous management of your resources and environment. For this, Microsoft relies on real-life success stories from well-known organizations and the advice of experts from their network.

Additionally, the framework offers a whole range of tools, templates and other resources to support your cloud adoption. But what exactly does the framework acutally look like?

Cloud Adoption Framework by Microsoft

The CAF is not just a linear roadmap, with a clear order. It’s also a flexible model. You have complete freedom to start certain phases simultaneously and run them side by side. For example, you can both work on your adoption strategy and prepare your colleagues for migration at the same time. 

In this way, Microsoft aims to offer a scalable solution that you can tailor to your specific needs. A kind of personalized guide. One that guarantees the success of your cloud journey. And gives you room to fill in the details yourself


Migrating to the cloud, Arxus style

When we start a migration track, we largely follow the Cloud Adoption Framework by Microsoft. However, we don't just copy it blindly. We make it entirely our own:

Cloud Adoption Framework Arxus

But what’s the difference then? Even after the initial migration, we continue to assist you in bringing new, more complex workloads to Azure via our Azure Adopt cases. During these cases, you'll work closely with one of our experts, who offers you the necessary support during every step of the process: from planning and design to development and optimization. And provides you with advice whenever you need it.

Plus, we always take the best practices of Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework into account. That way, we ensure a fast, complete and correct solution


The benefits of the framework

When you migrate your IT infrastructure to the cloud, your business fundamentally changes, inside and out. But why does it matter if your follow the Cloud Adoption Framework or not? Because it has a number of significant benefits:

  • Clear plan: Thanks to the comprehensive roadmap, you'll always be on the right path during your cloud journey. And you never lose sight of crucial elements.

  • Based on use-cases: Being able to draw on success stories from Microsoft, we're able to migrate standard workloads very quickly. And we can solve more complex cases better and faster.

  • Tools and templates: The framework provides you with a bunch of handy tools to support you. Everything you need to make your adoption journey easier.

And if you team up with an Expert Microsoft Partner, like us? Then you’ll get even more out of it:

  • Fixed contact: The Azure expert who designed your cloud environment will also be at the helm when you migrate new workloads to the cloud. And they'll help you find the solution that fits your organization the best.

  • Short process: At Arxus, we have a dedicated team that focuses on Azure Adopt cases. And with these hard-working specialists by our side, we can guarantee a smooth, fast and accurate service, tailored to your needs.

  • Additional expertise: You'll have access to an entire network of cloud specialists, who migrate and optimize Azure resources on a daily basis. And who are always at the ready to offer you expert advice.


Need help with your Azure journey?

With our Adoption service, you'll get access to a huge pool of Azure experts, who can successfully migrate your organization to the cloud according to the rules of Cloud Adoption Framework. And who continue to support you after, from A to Z.


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