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Routty now focuses on core business thanks to Arxus technical support

Dynatos focuses on the automation of source IP and e-invoicing processes. Over the past decade, they experienced strong growth and opened offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Germany and Poland. One of Dynatos' software solutions is Routty, a platform for the intelligent automation of business processes with a strong focus on financial departments.  

Gert-Jan de Vries, CEO of Dynatos explains exactly what Routty does: "Thanks to the use of Routty, companies are able to determine the most optimal channel and format for receiving and sending e-invoices. Routty knows which suppliers can receive e-invoices, through which channels, and in which format. Using that knowledge, the platform can advise on what is the best and most cost-effective channel and format to receive your e-invoices." 

Added value for customers

The Routty platform is already very intuitive, supporting users in their day-to-day work. But in the future, Dynatos wants to expand it step by step with innovative technologies. Currently, they already use machine learning and algorithms based on artificial intelligence. In the near future, they are also looking at the possibilities in terms of computer vision to offer their customers additional added value. This will allow them to get the most out of their business processes. For this, Dynatos is also looking to Arxus, the largest competence center within The Cronos Group that focuses on the Microsoft Technology Stack. Arxus brings Routty to the cloud in a scalable way, and also provides some managed and recurring services.  

Jochen Van Gasse, Program Manager at Arxus explains: "Our cooperation with Dynatos is more extensive than just consultancy. In addition to the applications we have brought to the cloud, we also stay by their side afterwards. For example, there are our managed services, our service desk and our recurring services that we offer. We support Dynatos and Routty throughout the life cycle of the application. Beyond the technical stuff, we're also going to use the cloud on the business side with channel activation, open marketplace, FinOps cost control, governance and compliance. Especially when doing business with other countries, it's important to be engaged in this." 

Excellent relationship with Microsoft

Because Arxus maintains an excellent relationship with Microsoft, they can also offer their customers extras. For example, they are strongly committed to quality through Azure Expert MSP quality labels that they have managed to win for 3 years in a row. In addition, Arxus also focuses on several advanced specializations that highlight vertical knowledge in certain workloads. "Because of this good cooperation and relationship with Microsoft, we can support our customers on all peripheral activities and make sure their platform is tiptop," says Jochen Van Gasse. "And that in turn allows them to focus on their core business, allowing the company to continue to grow." 

Bart Nulens is VP Operations at Dynatos Belgium and worked closely with Arxus. He, too, is very satisfied: "From the very beginning, Arxus provided us with excellent guidance to bring our first customers first to the private, and then the public cloud. In doing so, they completely relieved us of everything to do with the customer environment. From security and up-time guarantees, to monitoring the customer environments, it was all handled perfectly." 

Routty is part of Dynatos, a trusted advisor and strategic partner for financial process optimisation. Dynatos serves more than 850 customers in 50 countries and has about 120 employees. The project Arxus was involved in was about a 'Refactor of SQL on Azure'.

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