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Arxus ensures that the Resengo reservation system is permanently available

Resengo is a Belgian digital company that develops online reservation systems in-house. Primary target groups are restaurants, sauna & wellness and sports & fun. Through their own platform, Resengo registers more than 3.2 million online reservations for restaurants every month. Typical for Resengo is that the company puts forward a complete offering: the actual reservation system with the corresponding back office and the necessary plug-ins to link their customer's website to the system. For example, to find a nearby restaurant where you can make reservations through Resengo.

In recent years, Resengo has chosen to further develop their software with new automated marketing techniques, including inbound marketing. For example, their prospects can self-board with a free trial version of our software. Also, their software has been further developed with a Match & Go feature. They bring the right guest to the right hospitality venue with the goal of a positive review from the customer to their contacts.

The challenge

Resengo has experienced significant growth in recent years. The company now has more than three thousand customers and registers/bookes six million place settings every month. Over 3 million of these are booked online. Across all sectors, this amounts to almost 3 million reservations each month. Behind the scenes, Resengo often has to switch quickly. In the past this proved to be a problem. It was impossible for Resengo to handle this on its own and it also lacked the resources to develop the necessary expertise. Resengo is 19 years old this year and develops everything in-house. The continuous challenge is to make sure that older technology is always replaced by new technology. All new applications are built entirely in the cloud. Within the foreseeable future, the goal is to migrate all their still-used legacy code to cloud technology as well.

"The success of our product hinges on its availability. At Resengo, availability is closely related to scalability. Arxus ensures that the applications are always available. This allows us to focus entirely on the development of the offering." - Dirk Gypen, (CEO), Resengo

The solution

Moving everything to the cloud immediately wasn't the best option for Resengo. For now, the hybrid cloud is the perfect solution. They are still using the private cloud of Arxus. Resengo is now working on a new IT architecture in order to eventually move entirely to Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure can support Resengo's growth with modern applications that are often available by default. To take maximum advantage of the capabilities of Microsoft Azure, they will eventually transition entirely to the Microsoft cloud. Ultimately, the transition is also less costly today than using custom applications in the private cloud.

The result

For everything that has to do with the underlying infrastructure, Resengo relies on the services of Arxus. In the field of infrastructure, the cooperation with Arxus offers Resengo an essential advantage. Arxus can also make good use of the Cronos knowledge network of which Arxus is a part. The company can fully concentrate on its core activities: on the one hand the development of new functionalities and applications and on the other hand the support of customers. Arxus has taken on the entire infrastructure part. This ensures that Resengo does not need to invest in machines, but also in infrastructure knowledge. Arxus provides this expertise. At the same time, Arxus offers guarantees in terms of availability, performance and security that Resengo would not immediately be able to achieve on its own. In the current war for talent, IT employees are very hard to find. And then again: infrastructure expertise is not part of Resengo's core business. It works much better and more efficiently for them to fill the need for scalability via Arxus.

The Microsoft Partner

A good mission, a clear vision and shared values can connect people and motivate them to achieve a common goal. Arxus tries to reflect this as much as possible in their daily work. Arxus wants to increase productivity, efficiency and innovation in companies by relieving them of the management of IT business processes with their application-centric cloud solutions. They want to proactively analyze business processes and automatically adapt cloud solutions to meet the changing needs of businesses. That is, to provide the best possible experience on any platform or device. Arxus goes for an environment where everyone feels at home and where colleagues become friends. They celebrate achievements. Success equals fun. Arxus never stops learning and does not shy away from challenges. Innovation is crucial. But to help any organization move to the cloud, they like to keep things no-nonsense and local. Being close to customers and getting the job done as a team is paramount. Where others take the moon as their goal, Arxus is already on its way to Mars.

"With Arxus, Resengo has a unique point of contact for every ICT question. Arxus has easy access to the broad ICT expertise of the entire Cronos Group. Whatever the question, there is always an answer. This not only gives Resengo a sense of security, it is also very convenient that we have all the necessary expertise at our fingertips via Arxus. Arxus is a partner who constantly thinks along with us and travels with us. " - Dirk Gypen, (CEO), Resengo

Resengo is a Belgian digital company that develops online reservation systems in-house. Primary target groups are restaurants, sauna & wellness and sports & fun. More than 3,000 hospitality businesses in Belgium and the Netherlands use the reservation system. Around 40 employees work at Resengo. The project Arxus was involved in was about a 'Rehost Windows servers & Rehost SQL on Azure'.

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